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Trouvez ici les réponses à vos questions

  • I bought a ticket on  but unfortunately I can't come. Can I rebook or cancel the ticket?
    Up to 30 days before the course date, the booking can be canceled or postponed free of charge. Payment is made in the form of a Ticketino voucher and can be redeemed online when booking a next workshop. From 30 days before the course date, neither cancellation nor postponement is possible. If ticket insurance was taken out at the time of purchase, there is the possibility of having the ticket price reimbursed at any time (e.g. in the event of illness). Details can be found here: /files/ticket-insurance/ticket-insurance-en.pdf It is also possible to provide a substitute, no further information or explanation is required for us. Persons who have registered with an accompanying person or in a group of several people does not entitle the cancellation of the accompanying person or a single person from the group to the cancellation of all persons.
  • What can I do if I made a mistake when placing an order?
    Since cancellations or rebookings are not possible according to the General Terms and Conditions, we recommend that you check the order carefully before completing it to ensure that it is correct.If you have used the wrong billing or delivery address, you can log in to the platform as a Ticketino user and adjust the data yourself. If you ordered as a guest, please contact customer service at
  • How can I buy a ticket for the Turicum Gin Lab?
    Here you will find all the data with the current Gin Lab data: After you have selected a suitable date, you will be automatically forwarded to the booking page.
  • What does the ticket price include?
    - Creation of your own gin with up to 50 botanicals - Guided tour through the production - Worth knowing about the history of gin - Turicum Gin Tasting - Tasting of botanicals - Introduction to Distillation - Drinks à discretion - Gift box for your own gin - Warm appetizers
  • How far in advance will the dates for the Turicum Gin Lab be online?
    We are constantly adding new data. Generally 3 months in advance.
  • All tickets only have one name on them, is that a problem?
    Unless otherwise communicated on the tickets or during the ordering process, tickets are transferrable without any problems. In these cases, it is not a problem if the same name is on several tickets or if your own name is not on the respective ticket.
  • I received a gift voucher / promo code. How can I redeem this?
    With your code you can register here for a date of your choice: Once you have been redirected, select "I want to enter a promo code" and enter your code here.
  • Are the gift vouchers tied to a date?
    No, vouchers are always date-independent and can be redeemed by the recipient on any public date.
  • Can I print out the voucher at home?
    Yes, when booking you can choose between Print at Home and postage.
  • How long is the voucher valid?
    24 months from date of issue.
  • My voucher has expired. Can I extend this?
    Yes, that can happen. Just send us an email with your details to and we will will extend it for you.
  • I would like to book the Gin Lab exclusively for a group. What to pay attention to?
    You can book an exclusive Gin Lab for 8 or more people. A maximum of 24 people can participate. Please note that Fridays and Saturdays are usually reserved for public workshops.
  • In which language does the Turicum Gin Lab find enough?
    Unless otherwise stated, the workshop will be held in German. All course documents and spirits are also written in English.
  • Can I bring an accompanying person?
    No, this is not possible.
  • Is there parking on site?
    Yes, there are paid visitor parking spaces behind the building. However, since alcohol is an essential part of the Turicum Gin Lab, we advise you to travel by public transport.
  • Can I arrive by public transport?
    Yes, the Turicum Distillery is right next to the Siemens tram stop (direct connection with tram number 3 from Zurich main station). The nearest train station is Altstetten train station. There are also several buses from Alstetten train station. See SBB timetable:
  • How many people take part in a Turicum Gin Lab?
    The public Turicum Gin Labs are limited to a maximum of 15 participants.
  • Is there anything to eat during the Turicum Gin Lab?
    We offer warm snacks during the course. However, we advise you to arrive with a full stomach.
  • Is the Turicum Gin Lab wheelchair accessible?
    Yes, the entire building as well as our distillery and the Turicum Gin Lab are wheelchair accessible. Disabled toilets are also available.
  • I want to reorder more of my gin. What to pay attention to?
    Please fill out the form below Link.
  • How much does it cost to reorder my own gin?
    Cost of reordering your gin: 1-9 pieces = CHF 59 / bottle from 10 pieces = CHF 49 / bottle Free pickup or delivery = CHF 9
  • How long will it take to receive my own gin?
    We will ship your gin within 5 business days.
  • I lost/forgot something. What should I do?
    Write us an email to with information on the subject and time of the loss.
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